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The Beginning

Small town California girl - Now turned Rising Phoenix DJ

Rebecca (BELLAMOR) was always involved in the local music scene since her early teen years. Attending concerts in her local town to support her friends in bands and even hosting a concert for her birthday single handily with an amazing turnout, its no doubt that music was destined to be a part of her life forever.

She shifted this passion towards music into trying something different, being a DJ herself. Countless hours were dedicated to watching tutorial videos on basic DJ techniques, mixing styles, interviews with major event promoters to understand their expectations when booking a DJ,

to researching and comparing DJ gear (ex: Pioneer CDJ/DJM, Numark Controllers, Audio Tech Headphones), familiarizing herself with most commonly used DJ software in the industry and comparing their features, to prepare herself both professionally and realistically, 

Nonstop motivation to expand her knowledge with audio physics to benefit her skill lead her to enroll in The Los Angeles Film School for Music Production. Here she learns the business aspects of the music industry, expectations of a musician, producing software knowledge for Ableton and Logic, while also learning how to produce and record music with external or MIDI instruments.

Since her debut, BELLAMOR has since played at top-rated and high volume nightclubs all over the Arizona Valley, including Scapegoat Beer and Wine, The Bubble Room in Scottsdale, and Bar Smith located in downtown Phoenix.  She participated in BRAVEFAM's Charity Event for the homeless at the Phoenix Homeless Shelter and played a 2 hour back to back set with Kid Electro. BELLAMOR has also played music festivals including Critical Mass' TECHNICAL: House & Techno Music Festival. She also periodically performs at Desert Parties, always bringing a crowd wherever she plays. 

BELLAMOR is always pushing her own limits, challenging herself to reach her highest potential. She took her career to the next level by releasing her first track 'DARE DEVIL' out June 21, 2019 on Baikonur Recordings.

Studying her favorite DJs performances, their motivation, marketing strategies lead BELLAMOR into the goal of becoming the greatest that she can be, truly enjoy with she does, but also aim to bring a new style and attitude into the music scene.  DJing is a passion, a passion that she believes should not be in competition with others. BELLAMOR connects with her tracks to tell a story within the mixes, or to simply take the listener on a musical journey.

Genres are EDM based, including House Music and its subgenres; Tech House, Bass house, Deep house, and Techno.